Anders Bystedt nails his doctoral thesis

Research in Skellefteå - the " nail log" is now inaugurated

Published: 14 May 2012

We want to alert researchers in Skellefteå who passes a licentiate and doctoral theses. Therefore, the old academic tradition to nail the thesis for public view has now ben introduced at Campus Skellefteå. A new tradition of hanging of licentiate thesis has also ben introduced. The aim is to highlite the research which is beeing conducted locally and make it more accessible. The log for nailing/hanging is placed in the Forum building.

Ingrid Thylin
Ingrid Thylin, Tillväxtchef, Skellefteå kommun and PhD students Kai Yang, Magnus Fredriksson, Samuel Forsman, Tommy Vikberg and Anders Bystedt

So why are we doing this at Campus Skellefteå?

We want to show all the amazing research being done here in Skellefteå and the benefits it provides to our economy, says Ingrid Thylin, Tillväxtchef. We want visitors, students, politicians and all people who live and work in Skellefteå to benefit from the research that takes place in our municipality.

Ingrid Thylin explained in her opening speech the meaning och various academic terms such as nailing, licentiate thesis and doctoral thesis.

The City Council also had the opportunity to participate in the inauguration

The following PhD students were highlighted

Tommy Vikberg, dissertation in the subject of Wood Physics April 26

Anders Bystedt, PhD thesis  in the subject  wood Technology May 24

Samuel Forsman, dissertation in the subject  Wood Technology May 31

Magnus Fredriksson, dissertation in the subject  Wood Technology June 1

Kai Yang, dissertation in the subject  Electric Power Engineering June 8

The choir
The LTU choir

The event is a collaboration between Skellefteå kommun, Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University.