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Determination of the effectiveness of a combined thermal/chemical wood modification by the use of FT–IR spectroscopy and chemometric methods (2020)

Popescu. C, Jones. D, Kržišnik. D, Humar. M
Journal of Molecular Structure, Vol. 1200
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11 - Service life design of timber structures (2019)

Verbist. M, Nunes. L, Jones. D, Branco. J
Ingår i: Long-term Performance and Durability of Masonry Structures
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Application of GRAS Compounds for the Control of Mould Growth on Scots Pine Sapwood Surfaces (2019)

Multivariate Modelling of Mould Grade
Myronycheva. O, Poohphajai. F, Sehlstedt-Persson. M, Vikberg. T, Karlsson. O, Junge. H, et al.
Forests, Vol. 10, nr. 9
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Automatic Knot Detection in Coarse-Resolution Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images of Softwood Logs (2019)

Fredriksson. M, Cool. J, Stavros. A
Forest products journal, Vol. 69, nr. 3, s. 185-187
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COST FP1303 “performance of bio-based building materials” (2019)

Jones. D
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 14, nr. 1
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Distortion in laminated veneer products exposed to relative-humidity variations (2019)

Experimental studies and finite-element modelling
Blomqvist. L, Berg. S, Sandberg. D
BioResources, Vol. 14, nr. 2, s. 3768-3779

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for measuring moisture content in wood – Is it possible? (2019)

Couceiro. J, Hansson. L, Sandberg. D
Ingår i: Proceedings of the 21st International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, September 24–27, s. 292-292, United States Department of Agriculture, 2019
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Durability of the Siberian Larch Heartwood Timber of Different Origin (2019)

the Results of 11-Year Ground Contact Test in Finland
Venäläinen. M, Heikkonen. S, Terziev. N, Torniainen. P
Sibirskij Lesnoj Zurnal (Siberian Journal of Forest Science), nr. 3, s. 14-19
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Effect of Cutting Speed on Machinability of Stone–Plastic Composite Material (2019)

Zhu. Z, Buck. D, Guo. X, Ekevad. M, Cao. P
Science of Advanced Materials, Vol. 11, nr. 6, s. 884-892
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Effect of rake angle on cutting performance during machining of stone-plastic composite material with polycrystalline diamond cutters (2019)

Cao. P, Zhu. Z, Buck. D, Xiaolei. G, Ekevad. M, Wang. X
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 33, nr. 1, s. 351-356
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Energy-efficient substrate pasteurisation for combined production of shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) and bioethanol (2019)

Xiong. S, Martín. C, Eilertsen. L, Wei. M, Myronycheva. O, Larsson. S, et al.
Bioresource Technology, Vol. 274, s. 65-72