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Publications at Wood Science and Engineering

Article, review/survey

Adhesive- and Metal-Free Assembly Techniques for Prefabricated Multi-Layer Engineered Wood Products: A Review on Wooden Connectors (2023)

Han. L, Kutnar. A, Sandak. J, Šušteršič. I, Sandberg. D
Part of: Forests
Article in journal

Brushite mineralised Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood – revealing mineral crystallization withina wood matrix by in situ XRD (2023)

Garskaite. E, Balciunas. G, Drienovsky. M, Sokol. D, Sandberg. D, Bastos. A, et al.
RSC Advances, Vol. 13, s. 5813-5825
Article in journal

Ecological Analysis of the Current State of Forest Resources in Forest Steppe of Ukraine (2023)

Beregniak. E, Beregniak. M, Myronycheva. O, Balabak. A, Belava. V, Boroday. V, et al.
Journal of Ecological Engineering, Vol. 24, nr. 1, s. 87-96
Article in journal

Effects of Tool Tooth Number and Cutting Parameters on Milling Performance for Bamboo–Plastic Composite (2023)

Song. M, Buck. D, Yu. Y, Du. X, Guo. X, Wang. J, et al.
Forests, Vol. 14, nr. 2
Article in journal

High Leach-Resistant Fire-Retardant Modified Pine Wood (Pinus sylvestris L.) by In Situ Phosphorylation and Carbamylation (2023)

Lin. C, Karlsson. O, Das. O, Mensah. R, Mantanis. G, Jones. D, et al.
ACS Omega
Article in journal

Machining Properties of Stone-Plastic Composite Based on an Empirically Validated Finite Element Method (2023)

Wang. J, Buck. D, Tang. Q, Guan. J, Zhou. X, Wu. Z, et al.
Advanced Engineering Materials
Article in journal

On buckling of layered composite heavy columns—Effect of interlayer bonding imperfection (2023)

Rasoul Atashipour. S, Challamel. N, Girhammar. U
International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 260-261
Article in journal

A brief overview on the development of wood research (2022)

Mai. C, Schmitt. U, Niemz. P
Holzforschung, Vol. 76, nr. 2, s. 102-119
Article in journal

A method for generating finite element models of wood boards from X-ray computed tomography scans (2022)

Huber. J, Broman. O, Ekevad. M, Oja. J, Hansson. L
Computers & structures, Vol. 260
Conference paper

Accelerating wood densification – Are we going too fast? (2022)

Scharf. A, Neyses. B, Sandberg. D
Part of: Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting of the Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering (WSE), s. 44-46, Georg-August-University of Goettingen, 2022
Article in journal

An approach for computing the specific heat capacities of logs stored for a long time in an open warehouse (2022)

Deliiski. N, Niemz. P, Angelski. D, Tumbarkova. N
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 17, nr. 5, s. 376-385
Article in journal

Anatomical and morphological characteristics of beech wood after CO2-laser cutting (2022)

Rezaei. F, Wimmer. R, Gaff. M, Gusenbauer. C, Frömel-Frybort. S, Kumar Sethy. A, et al.
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 17, nr. 6, s. 459-468