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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.

Publications at Wood Science and Engineering

Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Cross-Laminated Timber Mechanics (2021)

Buck. D
Conference paper

Cupping distortion of surface-densified wood intended for flooring (2021)

Scharf. A, Neyses. B, Sandberg. D
Part of: Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting ofthe Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering–WSE2020, s. 50-52, University of Helsinki, 2021
Article in journal

Cutting forces and cutting quality in the up-milling of solid wood using ceramic cutting tools (2021)

Guo. X, Wang. J, Buck. D, Zhu. Z, Ekevad. M
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Article in journal

Dimensional stabilisation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood by reaction with maleic anhydride and sodium hypophosphite (2021)

Kim. I, Karlsson. O, Jones. D, Mantanis. G, Sandberg. D
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Article in journal

Experimental analysis of passively and actively reinforced glued-laminated timber with focus on ductility (2021)

Livas. C, Ekevad. M, Öhman. M
Wood Material Science & Engineering
Article in journal

Finite element analysis of alternative load paths to prevent disproportionate collapse in platform-type CLT floor systems (2021)

Huber. J, Mpidi Bita. H, Tannert. T, Berg. S
Engineering structures
Article, review/survey

Forest Biomass Availability and Utilization Potential in Sweden (2021)

A Review
Kumar. A, Adamopoulos. S, Jones. D, Amiandamhen. S
Part of: Waste and Biomass Valorization
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

In-Plane Shear Properties of Cross-Laminated Timber (2021)

Sharifi. J
Article in journal

Machinability of wood fiber/polyethylene composite during orthogonal cutting (2021)

Guo. X, Wang. J, Buck. D, Zhu. Z, Guo. Y
Wood Science and Technology, Vol. 55, nr. 2, s. 521-534
Article in journal

Study of gadolinium substitution effects in hexagonal yttrium manganite YMnO3 (2021)

Karoblis. D, Zarkov. A, Garskaite. E, Mazeika. K, Baltrunas. D, Niaura. G, et al.
Scientific Reports, Vol. 11