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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.

Publications at Wood Science and Engineering

Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Cross-Laminated Timber Mechanics (2021)

Buck. D
Article in journal

Dimensional stabilisation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood by reaction with maleic anhydride and sodium hypophosphite (2021)

Kim. I, Karlsson. O, Jones. D, Mantanis. G, Sandberg. D
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Article in journal

Experimental analysis of passively and actively reinforced glued-laminated timber with focus on ductility (2021)

Livas. C, Ekevad. M, Öhman. M
Wood Material Science & Engineering
Article in journal

Machinability of wood fiber/polyethylene composite during orthogonal cutting (2021)

Guo. X, Wang. J, Buck. D, Zhu. Z, Guo. Y
Wood Science and Technology
Article in journal

The effect of class-balance and class-overlap in the training set for multivariate and productadaptedgrading of Scots pine sawn timber. (2021)

Olofsson. L, Broman. O, Oja. J
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 16, nr. 1, s. 58-63
Article in journal

Wettability of welded wood-joints investigated by the Wilhelmy method (2021)

part 1. Determination of apparent contact angles, swelling, and water sorption.
Vaziri. M, Karlsson. O, Abrahamsson. L, Lin. C, Sandberg. D
Holzforschung, Vol. 75, nr. 1, s. 65-74
Article in journal

Wettability of welded wood-joints investigated by the Wilhelmy method (2021)

part 2. Effect of wollastonite additive
Vaziri. M, Karlsson. O, Abrahamsson. L, Moghaddam. M, Sandberg. D
Holzforschung, Vol. 75, nr. 1, s. 79-86
Conference paper

A sawmill simulation study of the volume yield changes when sawing with thinner kerfs (2020)

Fredriksson. M, Svensson. M
Part of: Proceedings of the 2020 Society of Wood Science and Technology International Convention, "Renewable Resources for a Sustainable and Healthy Future", s. 363-376, 2020
Article in journal

Assessment of Cutting Forces and Temperature in Tapered Milling of Stone–Plastic Composite Using Response Surface Methodology (2020)

Zhu. Z, Buck. D, Cao. P, Guo. X, Wang. J
JOM, Vol. 72, nr. 11, s. 3917-3925
Article, review/survey

Bioenergy Production and Utilization in Different Sectors in Sweden (2020)

A State of the Art Review
Amiandamhen. S, Kumar. A, Adamopoulos. S, Jones. D, Nilsson. B
Part of: BioResources
Article in journal

Cutting performance in the helical milling of stone-plastic composite with diamond tools (2020)

Zhu. Z, Buck. D, Guo. X, Cao. P, Wang. J
CIRP - Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, Vol. 31, s. 119-129
Article in journal

Determination of the effectiveness of a combined thermal/chemical wood modification by the use of FT–IR spectroscopy and chemometric methods (2020)

Popescu. C, Jones. D, Kržišnik. D, Humar. M
Journal of Molecular Structure, Vol. 1200