Work Packages

Published: 28 May 2018

The work in this third project app builds on results from GrönNano2 and the work is done within five work packages:

WP1: Advanced purification components for stormwater

Within this work package, innovative technologies are being developed that can be integrated into existing stormwater systems when further purification of the water is required.

Work package leader: Annelie Hedström, Luleå University of Technology

WP2: Rainwater treatment with green infrastructure

Here, various systems for stormwater treatment, such as green roofs, screen ponds and biofilter, are evaluated.

Work package leader: Godecke Blecken, Luleå University of Technology

WP3: Models for stormwater quality and development of assessment criteria

This work package includes recommendations for sampling of stormwater. Exterior building materials are evaluated to enable assessment of the environmental impact.

Work package leader: Heléne Österlund, Luleå University of Technology

WP4: Delay with green infrastructure

Measurement results from green roofs are applied to develop existing models with regard to seasonal variations. Delay effects of open stormwater solutions are measured and the data is integrated into hydrological models.

Work package leader: Günther Leonhardt, Luleå University of Technology

WP5: Business development and total solutions

In this work package, activities are carried out that are linked to product development, business development of total solutions and strategies for disseminating results to companies outside the consortium.

Work package leader: Jan-Olof Olofsson, CEO, Rent Dagvatten