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Research Center of Excellence in Urban Water Engineering

Stormwater&Sewers at Luleå University of Technology develops and disseminates research-based knowledge and builds networks within stormwater and sewer systems, based on the needs of society, sustainability and wise use of resources, and in close collaboration with private and public stakeholders.

Chaired professor and responsible for the Urban Water Engineering Research Group is Prof. Maria Viklander.

Effective reduction of microplastics in highway runoff

Photo: Luleå tekniska universitet

In the media: Garbage study shows how plastic erodes

In a study from Luleå University of Technology, researchers have compared how quickly different types of plastic debris decompose into microplastics. The results may cause more people to take the detour via the trash.

Garbage study shows how plastic erodes Photo: Hippo Px Free Stock Photography

New network for you who works with infiltration, inflow and overflows