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Research Center of Excellence in Urban Water Engineering

Stormwater&Sewers develops and disseminates research-based knowledge and builds networks within stormwater, sewer and resource-efficient small sanitation systems, based on the needs of society, sustainability and wise use of resources, and in close collaboration with private and public stakeholders.

dagvatten infrastruktur
The research project SODA

The research project SODA, Collaboration for a sustainable management of stormwater, which was carried out under the leadership of RISE in collaboration with i.a. the partners Stormwater&Sewers at LTU and Östersund municipality are coming to an end. For two years, representatives from all parts of the community building process have fought for a change in society towards a more sustainable stormwater and stormwater management with a focus on neighborhood land.

Cross-disciplinary (Blue-green infrastructure) Stormwater Management

The course pack "Cross-disciplinary (Blue-green infrastructure) Stormwater Management" has been developed within the research project SODA (Collaboration for sustainable stormwater management on neighborhood level) since coordination between different stages, administrations and actors has been identified within the project as a success factor for achieving sustainable stormwater solutions.

Novatech Conference 2023, Lyon, France

The international urban water conference Novatech 2023 took place 3rd – 6th of July and commenced with two insightful workshops focusing on key topics within the stormwater field: designing the water quality monitoring of urban wet-weather flows and fast models for urban flood simulations – future perspectives in the era of ubiquitous data.

Project work on sediment in stormwater ponds and micropollution in biofilters

During Spring 2023, two undergraduate students, Lisa Gren and Pina Filipponi, chose to take a project course in Urban Water Engineering as a part of their engineering studies. Both students carried out research projects under the supervision of Kelsey Flanagan.

Letty Mora
New AquaClim PhD candidate

Letty Mora joined the Urban Water Research group at Luleå University of Technology in August 2023 as PhD candidate within AquaClim. Her main research interest is in source separation systems with three pipes (triplicate systems). Letty's focus is on the feasibility of introducing triple systems in new areas and existing buildings.

Shadi KOhzadi
New staff at Urban Water Engineering

Shadi Kohzadi has started working as a senior research engineer in the Urban Water research group at Luleå University of Technology in July 2023.

Water Research School annual meeting 2023

The Water Research School's annual meeting took place at Chalmers University in Gothenburg from June 13-14, 2023. The event encompassed many interesting presentations and also engaging recreational activities.