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Drinking water supply - Pollution, water use and quality control

Published: 4 May 2020

Interested in doing a thesis project at Norrvatten, Stockholm, in 2021? Welcome to submit your notice of interest in either a master's or bachelor's thesis project to us!

Norrvatten produces and distributes drinking water to 14 municipalities in northern Greater Stockholm. More than 600,000 people, several large hospitals and Arlanda Airport are dependent on the fact that Norrvatten can always supply healthy drinking water. Norrvatten produces the drinking water in Görväln waterworks in Järfälla and uses Lake Mälaren as water source. Norrvatten also has several groundwater works that can be used if needed.

Norrvatten is actually in the process of intensifying its production capacity and improving its treatment process. Norrvatten is also working actively to bring about measures that reduce the supply of unwanted substances to drinking water sources, so-called upstream work. Of course, the produced water must be delivered in an environmentally, resource-efficient and safe way to the drinking water consumers. To achieve this, Norrvatten is also constantly working to develop the drinking water distribution. Norrvatten also has a number of groundwater sources located in exploited areas, which is why there are many interesting issues to deal with.

Expression of interest

Thesis projects at Norrvatten can be theoretical as well as more practical. Both master's and bachelor's theses are offered. Welcome with your expression of interest to Daniel Hellström, Head of Quality and Development. Enter "Interested in thesis project" in the subject line. Expressions of interest are handled on an ongoing basis.