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Master’s thesis on sorption of stormwater pollutants for different material mixtures

Published: 7 September 2021

Fredrik Rydholm has completed his master's studies in Natural Resource Engineering with a specialization in Environment and Water at Luleå University of Technology

His final publication was a thesis entitled "Sorption of Stormwater Pollutants for Five Material Mixtures: A Batch Equilibrium Study" and based on a study carried out in collaboration with Östersund municipality. The aim of the study was to investigate how stormwater treatment can be improved with regard to metals and phosphorus treatment.

Five different material mixtures containing soil and rock crusher together with different amounts of LECA bullets and biochar were examined in batch equilibrium tests in a lab environment. Results from the study showed that the treatment effect from soil and rock crusher was most effective for metals such as lead and chromium, while the use of biochar and LECA bullets did not show any desired positive effect, neither from an economic perspective.

Godecke-Tobias Blecken

Godecke-Tobias Blecken, Professor

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