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Master's thesis projects at the Water Centre for Innovation

Published: 12 May 2020

The Water Centre for Innovation is located on Campus Roslagen in Norrtälje. Currently, it offers three possibilities for master's thesis projects:

  1. Testing of drinking water filters: The Water Centre has received funding from HAV to test drinking water filters in two steps: First common pre-filters in our test lab and then filters for arsenic, uranium and lead on site at users' place. The project is starting now and is expected to last until November this year.
  1. The aquaponic system's water chemistry and physics: The Water Centre has a demonstration facility for aquaponics and will investigate the chemical and physical processes that are going on in the water depending on the combination of fish (tilapia right now) and plants (basil, tomatoes, etc.).
  1. Optimization of drinking water facility, wastewater facility and sewers for combined water and wastewater solutions (only one type of facility needs to be selected for a thesis project).

Contact person: Amelia Morey Strömberg