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Stormwater impact modeling

Published: 26 May 2020

A modeling of the impact of stormwater on Stångån river as receiving water body in Linköping was made last in 2012 and needs to be renewed now.

In the view of Linköping city growing and changing, an active effort is made to improve the status of our receiving waters whereas the impact of stormwater represents an important part of the picture. In this context, stormwater impact modeling also plays a vital role. Therefore, the proposed thesis project will focus on modeling based on the StormTac model that was developed in 2012 and consist of supplementing documentation, obtaining references, interviewing key persons, possibly sampling as well as modeling work and report writing.

If you are interested in the project, don't hesitate to contact Magnus Hammar at Tekniska Verken in Linköping for more information.

When you have tentatively decided to carry out this project for your master's thesis, please contact Annelie Hedström at LTU who will appoint a supervisor and examiner for you.