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Published: 7 December 2018

“DRIZZLE - Centre for Stormwater Management” is one of eight new Vinnova funded competence centers for research in areas of importance for Sweden. Within DRIZZLE, excellent, needs-driven research is conducted that creates knowledge to support the development of research-based, adapted, sustainable stormwater management solutions. DRIZZLE’s vision is to develop pioneering, research-based stormwater management soltutions, to minimize pollution loads on receiving waters; to minimize the risk for flooding in urban areas; and to capture the opportunities that stormwater runoff can offer.

The total funding for DRIZZLE is around 12 million Euro for five years. Vinnova accounts for around 4 million Euro and the participating municipalities, companies and Luleå University of Technology account for the rest.

DRIZZLE consists of 11 partners, i.e. Aarsleff Pipe Technologies, Stormwater&Sewers, Järven Ecotech, Luleå municipality, Luleå University of Technology (centre leader), NCC Infrastructure, Rent Dagvatten, Stockholm City, Stockholm Water, StormTac and Tyréns.

Forskningen inom DRIZZLE består av allt ifrån labbförsök till forskning i fält, främst i Luleå och Stockholm. I Stockholm används främst Riddarfjärdens avrinningsområde som utgångspunkt för att med hjälp av forskning kunna utveckla platseffektiva dagvattenlösningar.