Published: 7 December 2018

“DRIZZLE - Centre for Stormwater Management” is one of eight new Vinnova funded competence centers for research in areas of importance for Sweden. Within DRIZZLE, excellent, needs-driven research is conducted that creates knowledge to support the development of research-based, adapted, sustainable stormwater management solutions. DRIZZLE’s vision is to develop pioneering, research-based stormwater management soltutions, to minimize pollution loads on receiving waters; to minimize the risk for flooding in urban areas; and to capture the opportunities that stormwater runoff can offer.

The total funding for DRIZZLE is around 12 million Euro for five years. Vinnova accounts for around 4 million Euro and the participating municipalities, companies and Luleå University of Technology account for the rest.

DRIZZLE consists of 11 partners, i.e. Aarsleff Pipe Technologies, Stormwater&Sewers, Järven Ecotech, Luleå municipality, Luleå University of Technology (centre leader), NCC Infrastructure, Rent Dagvatten, Stockholm City, Stockholm Water, StormTac and Tyréns.