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Research Center of Excellence in Urban Water Engineering

Stormwater&Sewers develops and disseminates research-based knowledge and builds networks within stormwater, sewer and resource-efficient small sanitation systems, based on the needs of society, sustainability and wise use of resources, and in close collaboration with private and public stakeholders.

Chaired professor and responsible for the Urban Water Engineering Research Group is Prof. Maria Viklander.

Charlotta Jernå har studerat Civilingenjör Naturresursteknik
Master’s thesis about liquid composting of blackwater in Hölö, Södertälje

Charlotta Jernå has studied Natural Resource Engineering, specializing in environment and water at Luleå University of Technology. She has now published her Master’s thesis. The study aimed to evaluate the liquid compost in Södertälje, which is part of the municipality's nutrient recirculation system.

Climate-adapted design criteria for green infrastructure

In the context of increasing urbanisation and global warming, there is a growing interest in the implementation of green infrastructure (GI) across different climates and regions. Identifying an appropriate GI design criteria is essential to ensure that the design is tailored to satisfy local environmental requirements.

Study Photo: Simon Eliasson
Courses on Micropollutants and Water & Energy

The Water Research School will provide courses in the autumn of 2022

The Network on infiltration, inflow and overflow

On 31 May, the third online seminar was held within the framework of the Network for infiltration, inflow and overflow. The theme of this seminar was overflows.

Report within the SVU project on LPS systems published

The SVU project ”Erfarenheter av LTA-system - En kunskapssammanställning” has now been completed.

DRIZZLE is recommended to be continued

After the 5-year evaluation of the 8 competence centres that started in 2017, Vinnova has made a recommendation to continue financing “DRIZZLE - Centre for Stormwater Management” for another 5 years.

Utsaw Adhikari new PhD in Urban Water Engineering

Utsav Adhikari joined the Urban Water Engineering group at Luleå University of Technology as PhD candidate in May 2022

Pollutants in biofilters and long-term function in cold climates

In the autumn of 2022, Robert Furén will present his licentiate thesis within DRIZZLE - center for stormwater management with the title “Storm water bioretention: Pollutant occurrence and accumulation in filter material and forebay” at Luleå University of Technology. The results highlight the importance of planned systematic maintenance and well considered design to achieve good function over time

When Blue-green infrastructure turns white

Urban planning and the design of urban environments have often been based on an economic and location-optimizing perspective. But since the introduction of the concept of ecosystem services, infrastructure that contributes with multiple benefits has received more attention

Suna Ekin Kali employed as a Ph.D. student

Suna Ekin Kali was employed as a Ph.D. student in Urban Water Engineering at the Luleå University of Technology in April 2022. Her research focuses on investigating the impact of stormwater on receiving water bodies and stormwater quality modeling

Water, lake, sea, sun glitter Photo: Pixabay
In the media: Luleå University of Technology educates water engineers

A new master's degree program at Luleå University of Technology will contribute to the regrowth of new water engineers for the Swedish water and urban water industry.

European Junior Scientist Workshop 2022 on Monitoring Urban Drainage Systems and Rivers

The 25th EJSW workshop took place 16 – 20 May 2022, in the small village of Saint Maurice, France, with a surrounding landscape characteristic of the French Alps.