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GREEN / BLUE CITIES - GreenBlue Infrastructure for Sustainable, Attractive Cities

Published: 11 April 2014

The main objective of this JPI Urban Europe project “GreenBlue Cities” is to develop knowledge and tools required to seize the opportunities arising from future challenges to manage urban storm water in a way that facilitates robust, synergistic and multi-functional green infrastructure that will address today’s and tomorrow’s climate and other changes in dynamic urban areas.

Living Labs

A main part of the project work will be conducted in the international Urban Living Lab in Kiruna, Sweden. This is combined with one national Urban Living Lab (a so called city-hub) in the Netherlands (Zwolle in the Ijssel-Vecht delta) and Austria (Innsbruck), where we will bring together citizen, practitioners, decision makers, and researchers, to jointly develop innovative solutions.


The Urban Living Lab in Kiruna faces significant challenges in the coming three decades due to the necessity to re-locate the whole city which simultaneously creates comprehensive opportunities since a completely new water management concept has to be developed and implemented during the coming years. The GreenBlue Cities project will scientifically support the decision makers and contribute to the outcome of a future innovative system.