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Reaktiva filter för fosforbehandling i avloppsvatten (2009-2013)

Publicerad: 31 mars 2009

Phosphorus emissions from small scale domestic wastewater treatment systems are high although only 15 % of the Swedish population is connected to such systems. Recently, the Swedish EPA has published stricter criteria for phosphorus emissions which implies that many of the small scale systems need upgrading. Reactive filters have been suggested to be suitable as additional (final) treatment step in such systems.

Research on reactive filter materials has been undertaken in many different ways as there is no standard method for such investigations. Many researchers have performed batch tests and / or column tests, (long-term) field investigations are rare. As experiments have been performed differently, the results are not comparable. Further, it is unclear how different laboratory conditions affect the test results.

The aim of this project is to assess different test methods and to develop a laboratory method for investigating reactive filter materials. The aim is, too, to contribute to the investigation of these materials which could increase their use which would in turn lead to an improvement of phophorus treatment in small scale wastewater treatment and a decrease in eutrophication of recipients.


Inga Herrmann, tel: +46- 920 - 49 15 89, e-mail: inga.herrmann@ltu.se

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