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Clean Water (2013-2015)

Published: 19 August 2015

Clean Water is a project financed by Vinnova and runs 2013-2015. The objective of the project is to develop methods able to identify sewage flows in the stormwater system and give warning signals in case of risk, i.e. when untreated sewer discharges goes out into receiving waters that can be a raw water source for drinking water or be used for recreational purposes. The results of this project should contribute to decrease the risk of pathogen spreading in surface waters and thus improve health and recreation facilities.

In the first step of the project, suitable parameters for detection of sewer discharges into the storm sewers are investigated. Further, sensor connections to an autonomous, energy efficient communication unit is tested and evaluated and alarm settings discussed. Initially, the parameter study is carried out as a literature study followed by verifications by means of a field study in an existing sewer system. The sensor technology is tested in laboratory.

The project is carried out in co-operation between the Urban Water Engineering Research Group at Luleå University of Technology, Eistec AB and the urban water divisions at the municipalities of Luleå and Östersund, Sweden.



Project Manager

Hedström Annelie.jpg

Annelie Hedström

Luleå University of Technology

971 87 Luleå

Phone: 0920-49 23 09



Panasiuk Oleksandr SBN 7292 crop.jpg

Oleksandr Panasiuk

Luleå University of Technology

971 87 Luleå

Phone: 0920-49 16 56