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Stormwater pond

Stormwater sediments – A problem for the environment?

Published: 18 December 2006

During the last decades a large numbers of stormwater facilities have been constructed in cities and along highways as a result of the awareness of the environmental impact caused by stormwater pollution. The main objective of this project is by detailed studies of typical stormwaters and stormwater sediments in ponds, swales, settling tanks and lamella separators, quantify the efficiency of the different systems as traps for contaminants. The potential risk for secondary release of toxic substances from the sediments will be quantified, both on short and long time perspectives. Toxicity test will be performed in order to evaluate the hazardous potential of stormwater sediment. In collaboration with users of stormwater systems, the data obtained in this project will, together with results of an extensive literature survey be used to develope improved strategies for sustainable stormwater management. This includes strategies for potential needs for treatment or remediation of sediments in filled ponds and swales.

This study is supported by the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Science and Spatial Planning (FORMAS).

Project period: 2007 - 2009

Contact: Kristin Karlsson

Project participants