Godecke-Tobias Blecken
Godecke-Tobias Blecken

Godecke-Tobias Blecken

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 491394
R120 Luleå

Godecke Blecken’s main research focus is on urban stormwater management. During his PhD studies until 2010, Godecke investigated the function and adaptation of stormwater bioretention to demanding climates. Since then he has broadened his work and also investigated other stormwater control measures such as permeable pavements, infiltration systems, ponds, constructed wetlands, done research on stormwater quality and the impact of stormwater discharges on the natural environment.

An important part of Godecke’s research deals with the investigation of the function of stormwater control measures in demanding climates and their adaptation to these. A special focus here is on cold climates. Another main research topic is related to the long-term function of stormwater control measures and their maintenance needs. There is a clear risk that existing measures do not perform sufficiently e.g. due to a lack of maintenance. Further, Godecke works with evaluating ecosystem services of blue green infrastructure.

With his research Godecke wants to contribute to an increased implementation of stormwater control measures in (inter alia) Sweden by adapting them to demanding climates and to a sufficient long term performance by appropriate maintenance.

Research projects


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Emerging Contaminants (2018)

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