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Helene Österlund

Associate Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492294
R121 Luleå

 Heléne Österlund’s main scientific interests are related to stormwater and snow quality and includes the sources to the pollutants present in stormwater and snow. The research involves field sampling of stormwater and snow in urban catchments but also includes laboratory experiments. The studies aim to characterise various impervious surfaces commonly found in the urban environment and which may leach pollutants to the environment via stormwater runoff, characterise in which chemical forms the pollutants are transported in stormwater as well as pollutant pathways in snow and snowmelt. The pollutants in focus have been metals and organic micro pollutants. During recent years, the studies have been extended to also include micro plastics and litter.

Research Projects


Article in journal

Building surface materials as sources of micropollutants in building runoff (2019)

A pilot study
Müller. A, Österlund. H, Nordqvist. K, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 680, s. 190-197
Conference paper

Characterisation of Dissolved Metal Fractions in Urban Runoff (2019)

Lindfors. S, Österlund. H, Meyn. T, Muthanna. T, Lundy. L, Viklander. M
Paper presented at : International conference: Cities, Rain & Risk

Kunskapssammanställning (2019)

Viklander. M, Österlund. H, Müller. A, Marsalek. J, Borris. M
Article in journal

Laboratory Melting of Late-Winter Urban Snow Samples (2019)

The Magnitude and Dynamics of Releases of Heavy Metals and PAHs
Vijayan. A, Österlund. H, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Water, Air and Soil Pollution, Vol. 230, nr. 8
Article in journal

Measurement and conceptual modelling of retention of metals (Cu, Pb, Zn) in soils of three grass swales (2019)

Gavric. S, Larm. T, Österlund. H, Marsalek. J, Wahlsten. A, Viklander. M
Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 574, s. 1053-1061