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Laboratory and fieldwork

Published: 5 September 2018

The Urban Water Engineering Research Group conducts mainly applied research that takes place in both laboratory and field. The environmental lab and associated experimental outdoor facilities provide the opportunity for analysis work and experiments in laboratory and pilot scales. Even the fluid mechanics laboratory can be used for experiments by our group if needed. The environmental laboratory and experimental hall are also used for laboratory work in the urban water courses given to students in the Environment and Water program.

For studies in field, we dispose of a specially equipped vehicle called “Labbomobil” used for transporting equipment. The cargo compartment is also equipped with work surfaces to perform laboratory work directly in field, such as filtering of samples, fill sample bottles and to be able to perform simpler analyses e.g. pH, conductivity, TSS and turbidity.

Our equipment for sampling and measurements in the field:

  • Portable sampler “ISCO 6712” that can be run on time, flow and event
  • Portable flow meter “ISCO 2150” Area Velocity Flow Module, measures liquid level and average stream velocity, and calculates the flow in open channels and pipes
  • Interface module “ISCO 2105” for logging data e.g. pH, conductivity and turbidity
  • Tracer tests (Rhodamine) “YSI 600OMS”
  • Flowmeters “Hydro-Bios RHCM” for open channels and watercourses
  • Sediment core sampler “Kajak” for sampling in ponds and recipients
  • Water samplers “Ruttner Sampler”
  • Soil sampler “Geosampler” for light soils, meadows and lawn
  • Snow sampler “SWE Coring Tube”
  •  “MPD  Infiltrometer” for measuring infiltration capacity in soil
  • Precipitation gauge “Geonor” placed in Porsön, Luleå and in Solbacken, Skellefteå
  • Climate chamber "QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester"

Maria Gelfgren, Senior Research Engineer

Phone: +46 (0)920 491428
Organisation: Urban Water Engineering, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering