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Sustainable stormwater management (2008-2011)

Published: 25 September 2008

The development of a sustainable stormwater is slow and the management of the city’s stormwater seems to be a subordinated process in urban planning. It is often governed by tradition and conventional approaches regardless available knowledge of alternative solutions. Traditionally, this has resulted in underground pipes which provide a system with inherent problems from several aspects. The linear use of pipes is contradictory when it comes to an urban sustainable development.

With focus on urbanization and climate change in an unknown future, may the traditional stormwater management become a vulnerable system that can produce undesirable social effects. Research and knowledge of alternatives solutions exists in form of a green infrastructure giving aesthetical and environmentally qualities that contributes to attractive and sustainable cities. To make urban areas environmentally sustainable according to stormwater management there is need for knowledge about existing impediments and possibilities for a change. A starting point for a further understanding is to highlight the urban stormwater planning process and examine drivers behind the traditional, and on the other hand, the sustainable stormwater management.

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