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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.


Article in journal

An assessment of gully pot sediment scour behaviour under current and potential future rainfall conditions (2021)

Wei. H, Muthanna. T, Lundy. L, Viklander. M
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 282
Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary

Components for area-efficient stormwater treatment systems (2021)

Milovanovic. I
Article in journal

Contamination of Urban Stormwater Pond Sediments (2021)

A Study of 259 Legacy and Contemporary Organic Substances
Flanagan. K, Blecken. G, Österlund. H, Nordqvist. K, Viklander. M
Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 55, nr. 5, s. 3009-3020
Article in journal

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the Danube River in Serbia associated with the discharge of untreated wastewaters (2021)

Kolarević. S, Micsinai. A, Szántó-Egész. R, Lukács. A, Kračun-Kolarević. M, Lundy. L, et al.
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 783
Article in journal

Estimating Pollution Loads in Snow Removed from a Port Facility (2021)

Snow Pile Sampling Strategies
Vijayan. A, Österlund. H, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Water, Air and Soil Pollution, Vol. 232, nr. 2
Article in journal

Evaluation of measured dissolved and bio-met predicted bioavailable Cu, Ni and Zn concentrations in runoff from three urban catchments (2021)

Lindfors. S, Österlund. H, Lundy. L, Viklander. M
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 287

Markbaserad rening - design, funktion och bedömningkriterier vid tillsyn (2021)

Herrmann. I, Marklund. S, Englund. M, Ljung. E, Hedström. A
Article in journal

Metal enrichment of soils in three urban drainage grass swales used for seasonal snow storage (2021)

Gavrić. S, Leonhardt. G, Österlund. H, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 760
Article in journal

Modeling the Swelling of Hydrogels with Application to Storage of Stormwater (2021)

Åkerstedt. H, Lundström. T, Larsson. I, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Water, Vol. 13, nr. 1
Article, review/survey

Next generation swale design for stormwater runoff treatment (2021)

A comprehensive approach
Ekka. S, Rujner. H, Leonhardt. G, Blecken. G, Viklander. M, Hunt. W
Part of: Journal of Environmental Management
Article in journal

Nitrogen removal in stormwater bioretention facilities: effect of drying, temperature and submerged zone (2021)

Søberg. L, Viklander. M, Blecken. G
Ecological Engineering, Vol. 169
Article in journal

Reducing uncertainties in urban drainage models by explicitly accounting for timing errors in objective functions (2021)

Broekhuizen. I, Leonhardt. G, Viklander. M
Urban Water Journal
Article in journal

Spatial heterogeneity assessment of factors affecting sewer pipe blockages and predictions (2021)

Okwori. E, Viklander. M, Hedström. A
Water Research, Vol. 194
Article in journal

Temperatures and precipitation affect vegetation dynamics on Scandinavian extensive green roofs (2021)

Lönnqvist. J, Hanslin. H, Gisvold Johannessen. B, Muthanna. T, Viklander. M, Blecken. G
International journal of biometeorology, Vol. 65, nr. 6, s. 837-849
Article in journal

The thermal performance of a green roof on a highly insulated building in a sub-arctic climate (2021)

Schade. J, Lidelöw. S, Lönnqvist. J
Energy and Buildings, Vol. 241
Chapter in book

The use of aquifers as thermal energy storage systems (2021)

Nordell. B, Snijders. A, Stiles. L
Part of: Advances in Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Article in journal

Uncertainty inherent to a conceptual model StormTac Web simulating urban runoff quantity, quality and control (2021)

Wu. J, Larm. T, Wahlsten. A, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Urban Water Journal, Vol. 18, nr. 5, s. 300-309