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Tap water. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
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Sustainable supply of drinking water

Published: 22 February 2016

Here in Scandinavia we are in many ways fortunate in the supply of fresh drinking water in terms of both access and quality. Despite this, every now and then something happens that makes people sick from drinking tap water that normally is considered safe.

‘Sustainable supply of drinking water’ was the topic of a seminar arranged last week in cooperation with the Swedish Water and Wastewater Association SWWA, gathering the industry and students from the programmes in Natural Resources Engineering, Civil Engineering and Built Environment.

–  There are significant costs associated with contaminated water. According to estimations, the outbreak of gastroenteritis in Östersund in 2010 where at least 12 000 people were affected costed society between 121 – 241 million SEK’, said Anna Mäki, consultant at the Water & Environment Agency, who was one of the invited speakers.

Water resources in Sweden are protected by comprehensive regulations and legislation. Still, they are sometimes polluted as a consequence of accidents, environmental crimes or other unforeseen events.

–  There are a lot of challenges as a result of global warming and climate changes which can affect our normally safe drinking water in a negative way. These challenges must be discussed on a broad scale’, says Maria Viklander, professor of Urban Water Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

For students in the construction, environment and water sector this seminar also offered a great opportunity to get to know the companies in which they might be employed after graduation.

The seminar was rounded off  with dinner and mingle in the evening. Participating in the event were consulting and water companies like WSP, Ramboll, Pireva, Sweco, Tyréns, Water&Environment Agency, as well as the drinking water  ​​cluster Dricks (Chalmers university) and SWWA.

Stefan Marklund

Marklund, Stefan - Consultant

Organisation: Urban Water Engineering, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering