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Johanna Eriksson

Sensitivity analysis of pluvial flood modelling tools for dense urban areas

Published: 20 August 2020

Johanna Eriksson has now finalised her masters’ thesis work. She has carried out a project related to flood modelling at the Department of Sustainable Waste and Water in the City of Gothenburg.

The aim of her project was to investigate how the results of a coupled flood model vary in relation to changes in input parameters. The sensitivity analysis was performed to evaluate how different parameters impact on the model output in terms of water depth and variations in cost of flooded buildings and infrastructure.

The results showed that modelling without infiltration influenced the model output the most, with the largest increase both in terms of cost and water depth over the investigated area. Find out more about this project and the evaluated scenarios in the recently published report (see link below).  

With this master’s thesis, Johanna finished her studies at LTU and will now move to Gothenburg to work as an environmental engineer at DeKa Enviro AB.

Annelie Hedström

Annelie Hedström, Professor

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