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Published: 12 October 2016

When comparing with other industrial operations, the construction industry is high in the injury statistics. Although the construction sector employs many people, research on Swedish conditions is sparse and fragmented. There are different perceptions about the causes of the shortcomings, which prevented the implementation of an effective joint action program.

On behalf of the Swedish Work Environment Authority, a report has been compiled that sheds light on safety in general and accidents specifically in the construction industry. The report is aimed at both the Swedish Work Environment Authority and various work environment actors and is expected to contribute to creating a basis for the parties' continued work on preventing accidents and related work environment problems. The knowledge compilation is based on a large number of scientific articles that deal with accident statistics, risk work, programs, models and methods for safety work, safety climate, management's importance for safety, behavioral research, etc.

Since the knowledge compilation has been published, the research group has continued to publish articles, primarily based on accident statistics in the construction industry.

Participant: Jan Johansson (project leader), Leif Berglund, Maria Johansson, Magnus Nygren, Kjell Rask, Björn Samuelson, Magnus Stenberg

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