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Gender bild

EquaStream will showcase and increase understanding about gender bias and structural challenges that women face in their career development. The overall goal of the project is to strive for excellence in research through gender equal and inclusive collaborations and strategic partnerships and thus increase funding opportunities in academia.

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AI in the welfare sector = relief in welfare professional work = improved working environment?


The purpose of the project is to improve workplace safety in the mining industry based on practices, strategies and principles gathered from Swedish and international mining companies. The goal of the project is to develop strategies and proactive indicators aimed at improving safety management and, by extension, contribute to making companies in the industry more attractive employers.

Produktion 4.0 IUC
Produktion 4.0

Produktion 4.0 aims to strengthen competitiveness and support the digital structural transformation of manufacturing industrial SMEs in northern Sweden by increasing the companies' insight into, knowledge of and ability to streamline their production systems.

SafeMine PhD-Programme

Educating the Mine Health and Safety Workforce of Tomorrow

Student Discussion
Single asylum-seeking refugee children in Luleå municipality

In 2018, a special opportunity was given for unaccompanied asylum-seeking refugee children to apply for a residence permit for studies through the new upper secondary school law. Luleå municipality decided to extend the possibility for the asylum-seeking refugee children who were affected by the law to remain in the municipality.

Attract - Attractive and sustainable cities in cold climates

Sustainable building includes social, economic, ecological and technical aspects. Within the interdisciplinary research project Attract integrate all these aspects in order to achieve attractive and sustainable housing in cold climates.


Social, technical and environmental structures are important for sustainable development. Infrastructure of the society and buildings affects human behavior and living conditions, for example by supplying us with protection from seasonal climatic stress, water, waste management and sanitation, energy including heat and lighting, equipment for living and leisure, communication and transport .

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Boost or brake? Conditions for learning in the context of health care sector staffing agency nursing

The project Boost or brake is a 4 year project (2017-2020), funded by FORTE. The aim of the project is to examine and analyze the conditions for learning and development in the light of an increasingly flexible labour market.

Future operator

LTU and Chalmers shall develop future tools for the 150 000 operators which creates huge Swedish export values each day. Industrial competitiveness is dependent on rapid change and adaptation of products to a global market. Our research has previously shown that operators with modern tools can improve their response capacity and quality by over 50 percent. That means potential billions in profits for the companies.

Future deep mining

I2Mine (Innovative Technologies and Concepts for the Intelligent Deep Mine of the Future) is European Union funded project that concluded in 2016. In the project, participants from 26 organisations in 10 countries have develop technology for mining at great depths.

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Towards an A-team and a B-team?

Current reports show that teachers experience the worst psychosocial work environment among all occupational categories, where the main reason is a misbalance between demand and support in the role.

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Roadmap for reducing accidents in the Swedish mining industry

The Swedish mining industry has witnessed a substantial drop in lost time injury frequency rates in the last 20 years. This is usually attributed to extensive changes in technology (e.g. automation) as well as safety management practices (including changing regulatory demands) and the overall organisation of work.

SIMS-ltu Photo: Sofia Stridsman
Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems (SIMS)

SIMS stands for Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems and is a major research and development projects funded by EU's Horizon 2020 that focus on future mining technology.

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Smart Unions for New Industry

The aim of this project, entitled SUNI (Smart Unions for New Industry), is to strengthen the capacity of workers’ organisations to deal with the challenges arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Teachers’ working conditions in times of competition, choice and privatisation

The full project name: Teachers’ working conditions in times of competition, choice and privatisation: A Swedish-Australian comparison