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Research in Human Work Science

Published: 22 April 2006

Human work science is an interdisciplinary field that develops and uses knowledge of human work and the forms and processes of working life. Human work science includes analysis and development of work environment, organisation, technology, production systems and social processes based on people's abilities and needs to create safe and attractive work and socially sustainable development in working life and society.

The individuals meet the working environment and working life as a whole. The work environment and working life affect people, but people do also evolve and develop it. Therefore, broad perspectives in research are required. The broad perspective is marked by our interdisciplinary expertise and our broad palette of research. Below are some of the themes described:

Production and work

A common starting point is a holistic approach to work, human and technology. This includes production design – research and development of methods for planning and design of sustainable technology, production systems, organizations and workplaces adapted to humans’ condition and circumstances. Some projects involve concrete research on safety and work environment. Other projects are more on methods for workplace design, risk analyses, workplace analyses, ergonomic analyses and various visualization and design methods, and VR/AR and simulation.

Organisation and change

Organisation aspects are studied at various levels – individual, organisation, company, labour market and education system. Some research projects study change and implementation processes and methods for change, but also the development and application of interactive research methods. Central themes are learning and participation. Other projects are more analytical and discuss new organizational models, professional identities and discourses. Several of these projects include a gender perspective.

Education and society

Various aspects of skills development, learning at work and organizational learning are included in several of our projects. Other research in this area is about socially sustainable development in working life and society. This includes labour market, youth research, regional development, and migration. Also here gender perspectives are includes in several of the projects.


There is a quite large group of projects that include gender perspectives. For example, gender research on work, technology, organisation, etc.