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Young adults’ health at work is investigated in a new research project

Published: 28 January 2019

Almost every fifth young woman or man in Sweden works in the trade and now a research project is starting to give them a more sustainable working life. One of the goals is to produce a handbook for managers in the retail sector that will help them work with health promotion for young adults.

– Young adults are in an insecure labor market and can experience an insecure existence just because they are entering adult life. Young adults' uncertainty - in the professional role and in private - can explain their increased risk of suffering from bad health, says Erika Wall, associate professor of sociology and project manager for "A sustainable working life for young adults".

The project "A sustainable working life for young adults" has received 3.5 million Swedish crowns in grants from AFA Försäkring. The work is carried out at the Department of Health Sciences at Mid Sweden University in collaboration with the University of Gävle and Luleå University of Technology and is going on for four years starting in February.

– We already know that sick leave is increasing among young adults and that mental illness is the most common cause of sick leave, that’s why young adults are so important to focus on, says Anna Berg Jansson, working in work science at Luleå University of Technology.


Erika Wall, Mid Sweden University in Östersund, erika.wall@miun.se, 010-142 85 92
Sven Svensson, University of Gävle, sven.svensson@hig.se, 026-64 86 23
Anna Berg Jansson, Luleå University of Technology, anna.jansson@ltu.se, 0920-49 29 79