Ylva Fältholm
Ylva Fältholm

Ylva Fältholm

Luleå tekniska universitet
Människa och teknik
Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik och samhälle
A144 Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

"Learn to blend in!" (2018)

A corpus-based analysis of the representation of women in mining
Norberg. C, Fältholm. Y
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Vol. 37, nr. 7, s. 698-712
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Gender diversity and innovation in mining (2017)

corpus-baseddiscourse analysis
Fältholm. Y, Norberg. C
International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 9, nr. 4, s. 359-376
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Going from “paper and pen” to ICT systems (2017)

Perspectives on managing the change process
Marchesoni. M, Axelsson. K, Fältholm. Y, Lindberg. I
Informatics for Health and Social Care, Vol. 42, nr. 2, s. 109-121
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Technologies in older people's care (2017)

Values related to a caring rationality
Andersson Marchesoni. M, Axelsson. K, Fältholm. Y, Lindberg. I
Nursing Ethics, Vol. 24, nr. 2, s. 125-137
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Work and Organization in a Digital Industrial Context (2017)

Johansson. J, Abrahamsson. L, Bergvall-Kåreborn. B, Fältholm. Y, Grane. C, Wykowska. A
Management Revue, Vol. 28, nr. 3, s. 281-297


How to integrate a gender and diversity perspective in innovation systems
Fältholm. Y, Wennberg. P, Gylling. A
Paper presented at : EARMA Annual Conference : 20/06/2016 - 23/06/2016


boosting gender equality in academia
Wennberg. P, Fältholm. Y
Paper presented at : Earma Annual Conference : 28/06/2015 - 01/07/2015
Artikel i tidskrift

Job Rotation Meets Gendered and Routine Work in Swedish Supermarkets (2015)

Johansson. K, Fältholm. Y, Abrahamsson. L
NORA, Vol. 23, nr. 2, s. 109-124