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Low energy houses Gällivare. Image source: Sweco View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Low-energy houses to be built in Gällivare

Published: 3 September 2014

Before The Attract Project has low energy house in Sweden has only been built in the south of the Arctic Circle. Now energy efficient apartment buildings are scheduled to be built in Gällivare. Sweco and Tyréns together with Lulea University of Technology has worked with the architecture and construction system

- In Attract, we have chosen to use a build system when the architect sketch was made, says Marcus Sandberg, Assistant Lecturer in Construction Engineering. Typically the architectural work is done first and then a building system is created. In terms of research, it is interesting to follow the work in which architecture and construction system developed in collaboration.

Five apartments per floor. Image source: Sweco

With its five apartments per floor and three storey building height can fit a total of about 28-30 apartments. With limited resources, created a rich volume interpretation, in the context of an energy efficient building envelope with minimal energy losses in the nook and corner. To adapt to the long winter season has the qualities associated with glazed balconies integrated into the apartments through to the living rooms get large opening French doors across the width of the room. It thereby avoids the energy losses that normally come with glazed balconies, and have a larger living room with balcony quality that can be used throughout the year, and completely opened up in the summer. On the courtyard side creates the projecting building volumes sheltered courtyards which, together with the parish house provides protection from cold winds and allows for patios in different directions. The buildings are kept as low as possible to insert themselves in the surrounding buildings.

Building Volumes given a broken design which closed volumes with white wood paneling contrasts with transparent parts with large windows with wooden frames.

By equipping with measurement and control equipment, and the residents will get a unique control over their energianvändning.Värmeväxling will be needed by eg borrhålsförvärmning, district heating return, efficient gråvattenhantering. Buildings must be constructed of such local companies as possible.

In today's society, it becomes increasingly important to sustainable building regardless of where you are geographically. The subarctic climate in Gällivare places high demands on building systems and construction to achieve energy efficiency. The innovation lies in developing technology and architecture that reduces energy consumption, and are salable in the ore fields. This house is seen as a prime example of modern and sustainable construction and can pave the way for future sustainable building in the ore fields.

Marcus Sandberg

Sandberg, Marcus - Associate Professor

Organisation: Construction Management and Building Technology , Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
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