Implementation and Evaluation of an FT245 synchronous interface

Publicerad: 26 juni 2017

One of the popular interfaces between a computer and an FPGA, when high throughput is needed, is the FT245 synchronous interface, which allows up to 40 MB/s over USB 2.0. This is a fundamental component for any high throughput system, such as cameras, laser scanners, etc, while the general complexity of the interface is low. We aim to make an Open Source component interface to communicate with a computer.

  • A project in VHDL and FPGAs.
  • The task is to create an interface with a FTDI FT232H chip, provided on an carrier board to the Arty FPGA evaluation board, which will be using the FT245 synchronous interface to communicate between a computer and the FPGA.
  • Evaluate the maximum throughput, without errors, from computer to FPGA and vice versa.
  • If there is a desire from the students, the USB 3.0 version can be used which can deliver up to 5 Gb/s.

Proposal from Emil Fresk, Control Engineering Group,
Emil Fresk: Room A2571