Implementation and Evaluation of an Open Source Stereo Camera

Publicerad: 27 juni 2017

One of the fast growing areas for robot localization, and allowing robots to perceive their environment is Machine Vision - but the area of machine vision sensors (cameras / stereo cameras) is very proprietary. We aim to make the area of machine vision easier to adopt by creating one of the first Open Source stereo cameras!

  • The main aim is to implement and evaluate the hardware in an FPGA to read and configure the cameras, while transferring the data over USB 2.0/3.0.
  • Cameras (1.3MP each) talking SPI and 10-bit parallel to an FPGA.
  •  Inertial Measurement Unit connected via SPI to the FPGA.
  • As a final demo some image processing on the camera streams will be implemented.
  •  A good background in VHDL is needed.
  • You will be in tight discussion with a supervisor for guiding your development and learning.

The estimated duration of the thesis is 6 months, while visits to the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden could be part of the thesis, in case of interest from the student.

Proposal from Emil Fresk and George Nikolakopoulos, Control Engineering Group,

Emil Fresk: Room A2571
George Nikolakopoulos: Room A2556