Process control lab goes wireless and cloud

Publicerad: 15 juni 2017


The relatively recent possibility to use wireless sensors and actuator networks (WSANs) in industrial applications implies that installing and moving equipment can be carried out to a fraction of the costs for traditional wired ones. This opens up for large scale use and unexplored potential improvements of process control systems. Ultimately, flexibility in the signal handling may enable on-the-fly and autonomous optimal control configuration and retuning, actions to optimally adapt to changes in operating conditions, process properties, sensor and actuator locations, as well as signal availability and quality.

Project aims and description

The aim of this project is to create a process control lab setup which will be used in the above research. For this, an existing setup (see to the right) will be re-build in the following way:
* Design and build wireless sensors and actuators (level  and temperature measurements, pumps and valves)
* Design and build a gateway computer that interfaces with the lab setup and has an API for access from the cloud. Actuation and sensing should be possible from remote or from the cloud.
* Design and implement an interface for the process in Matlab/Simulink
* Design and implement a cloud solution for controlling the lab process remotely.
* Optional: Integrated video feeds.

What need to be done?

You have to work with hardware and construct parts, electronics and program micro-controllers. Implement wireless communication to all devices, which can deal with hand-shaking of devices. Programming of an API and cloud interface. You will need to deal with acquisition, transmission, aggregration and storage of data in real-time.

Who will use your results?

The setup will be used in research with our international partners and with the industry. The setup will also be used in teaching activities of our advanced courses. The setup will also be advertised at international conferences and used in demonstration.
NOTE: No one else will have such a setup! We will be the first, thanks to you

Who will you be working with?

When working with us your will join a group of 2 post docs, PhD students, an associate professor and myself that work in this area.

Candidate profile(s)

We anticipate that you should be a group of two students that would work with this project. A thorough background in mechatronics and programming is helpful. An understanding of model and control is important since the user community is from that area.


Wolfgang Birk

Wolfgang Birk, Professor

Telefon: 0920-491965
Organisation: Reglerteknik, Signaler och system, Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik
Miguel Castano

Miguel Castano, Universitetslektor

Telefon: 0920-493988
Organisation: Drift och underhållsteknik, Drift, underhåll och akustik, Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser