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Research profile

The research subject Automatic Control is central for Luleå University of Technology's active participation and contribution to the development of strategically important research areas.

We will hopefully play an important role during the green transition taking place in the coming years. The group has a strong track record on collaborations with regional industries in pulp and paper, steel, mining, and energy sectors but is also active with projects in other areas, such as health care, datacenters, and agriculture.

The research group work strategically and successfully with external funding and senior researchers have very good experience of attracting external funds. The subject is within applied research and is regarded to have good opportunities to continue to attract external funding from national research councils and authorities and within the European Framework Programmes.

We have a successful collaboration with ProcessIT Innovations at Luleå University. ProcessIT Innovations is a collaboration center in northern Sweden that works to develop new technical solutions based on the needs of the industry. The collaboration has enabled projects related to district heating, mining, data centers and hydropower applications.

At Automatic Control we offer a laboratory environment, with equipment like Coupled Tank System, that can be used in education at high level and to conduct fundamental research.

Our Application areas

Energy production, distribution, and use

  • District heating (Flexisync)
  • Datacenter cooling (ECO-cube)
  • Waste heat recovery (DC-farming, 2021)
  • Hydropower (AFC4hydro)
  • Wood drying (Wooddee)
  • Piia research
  • Simberry

Health care

  • Postural control

Efficient extraction of natural resources

  • Mineral processing (ECO, 2021)