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Mats Johansson och Thomas Gustafsson
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Test bed for safer and more efficient mines

Published: 3 May 2019

An integrated, smart test bed for the mining industry will be developed within the framework of a new project. Vinnova funds the project and Luleå University of Technology coordinates. – The goal is to get safer mines and a more efficient mining, says Thomas Gustafsson, professor of Control Engineering and project coordinator.

The degree of automation and digitization are constantly growing in the mining industry. Mining companies, for example, invest a lot into removing people from the production front, aiming at improving both safety and efficiency. The development requires new solutions and products, solutions and products that need to be tested in reliable and efficient test beds.

– The project is about coordinating different systems for testing both products and services, says Thomas Gustafsson.

One task for the project is to find out how existing test beds can interact or be linked together.

– It can concern technical information exchange, but also about issues related to agreements and processes. Is it necessary, for example, to have an organization in charge of the test bed? Says project manager Mats Johansson.

Great opportunities

A first step of the project is to map the current situation – what possibilities for test activities and product development are there today? Then a first version of an integrated, smart test bed will be produced. The new test bed must be able to handle several delicate problems. For example, the test bed should be able to take into account if there is competition between participating actors because all actors may not want to share all their results. Other important aspects are related to business models. How can the SMIG test bed be financed and organized, and how can the it support evaluation of new business models?

– A good test beds means a shorter period to market, which in turn provides greater competitiveness. Plus, we get safer mines and more efficient mining, says Thomas Gustafsson.


Thomas Gustafsson

Thomas Gustafsson, Professor and Head of Subject, Chaired Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491323
Organisation: Control Engineering, Signals and Systems, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering