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The Bergforsk Days in Festival Hall at The StadsHotel in Luleå. Photo: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

The Bergforsk Days 2013

Published: 17 June 2013

The 27-28 was the annual Bergforsk Days in Festival Hall at The StadsHotel in Luleå. It was a compact program with many prominent guests.

Per-Erik Lindvall, LKAB told of an intensive exploration work and new mines planned;  Leveäniemi and Gruvberget near Kiruna. Ulf Marklund, Boliden, told us about the deposit at Laver, compared with The Aitik Mine in size and quality, but also about the planned mining of gold and tellurium in Kankberg just outside the town of Boliden.

John Sterte, principal at Luleå University of Technology, told us about the new increasing interset for mining-related programmes during the last two years. This provides a continued good supply of competence for the business.

- Now we have an industry and a university with big ambitions, we hope for a bright future, said John Sterte.

In order to avoid the phenomenon of "Fly in, fly out", when people do not settle in new mining communities but rather lives there during working weeks and then travel home was discussed -  Solutions for attractive communities: diversity, good communications and culture.


Lars-Eric Aaro, CEO of LKAB, gave a comprehensive presentation on the importance of continuing to communicate what the mining industry actually is today, a high-tech industry with great opportunities, but some still today regarded as a business with a "pick and shovel" . Lars-Eric Aaro held out Australia and Chile, which together with Sweden is at the forefront of automation - more robotic processes in mining - and the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Raw Materials can be an important tool in order to increase the supply of raw materials for Europe .

- Steel is building prosperity and Sweden may become Europe´s major supplier, concluded Lars-Eric Aaro. who who also gave focus on LKAB as a model company in sustainable development and innovation.


Jonas Sjöstedt gave the Left Wing Party's views on mining in which he argued that Sweden has an exceptionally low mineral fee. By raising the fee companies can contribute to sustainable development in mining regions, not exploitation during the limited time the mines are in operation.

- We do not want poor communities and wealthy companies, said Jonas Sjöstedt, who also recalled the old sins in the mining industry. A new bill will make the mining companies responsible for what affiliates do in order to strengthen environmental protection.

Source: Bergforsk
Photo: Imega Television

Marie Wickberg, Chief of Staff of Minister for Enterprise and Regional Affaris Annie Loof, did not want to discuss new taxes, but stressed instead the new Mineral Strategy as the way to develop the industry.

R & D strategies in Scandinavia and Europe from our perspective was the title of a conversation led by Ulla Grönlund, Head of the Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, with Per-Erik Lindvall, LKAB, Ulf Marklund, Boliden, Mikael Ramström, Atlas Copco, Anders Söderman, Metso, Tomas Lagerberg, ABB. Here we were, among others know that canariebirds were used to warn when oxygen depletion occurred in the mines during the early 1900s in a discussion on innovation and development in the mining industry.

During The Bergforsk days 2013 the Minister for Trade Ministry for Foreign Affairs Ewa Björling launched NordMin, the Nordic Council of Ministers new research and education initiative in the mining and quarrying area. There were also Prize Awards. More in links below.

Minister for Trade Ministry for Foreign Affairs Ewa Björling launches Nordmin

Bergforsk Awards 2013


A Nordic Network of Expertise for a sustainable mining and mineral industry funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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