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Swedish mining elite and university researchers in collaborative projects of the future mine

Published: 28 March 2011

The entire Swedish mining small, the dominant global suppliers to the mining industry and Luleå University of Technology, today signed a cooperation agreement to develop a joint strategy for the mining industry must be developed to ensure future growth. Luleå University alone representing the academic research skills in the powerful consortium that together will work out a future and successful concept for the Swedish mining industry.


- It is a great strength to industry and academia now delayed to obtain a clear picture of the future of the mining industry by 2010, says Ulf Marklund, technical manager at Boliden Mineral AB.

Ulf Marklund points out the university's role in the project. The mining-related research at the university is the national leader and in many areas are world-class research.

- LTU's role in the project is important, we already have a good working relationship as we continue to expand.

That the consortium that will work in the project has muscles to figure seen if you look at the impressive list of participating companies as ABB, Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB, Boliden Mineral AB, Georange non-profit association, LKAB, Metso Minerals (Wear Protection) AB, the Nordic Rock Tech Centre AB, NCC Construction Sweden AB, Sandvik Mining and Construction AB and ÅF - Infrastruktur AB.

From Luleå University involved researchers from the departments Industrial Work Environment, Mountain Construction Engineering, Operation and Maintenance, Applied Geology, Ore Geology and Applied Geophysics and EISLAB.

- To be innovative and not doing "more of the same" is our goal, says project leader Goran Bäckblom, Rock Tech Centre, RTC.

Some of the issues to be studied in the project Future Mine - a conceptual study, are among others the mining industry must be developed to attract young and female workforce, innovative, sustainable and cost-effective production processes, new technology, and more.

In place when the agreement was signed Monday, April 6, there were, besides the representatives of the mining industry, also representatives of Vinnova pursue issues around the EU and the mining industry and how business, academia and other stakeholders to take action to become visible to stakeholders in the European market.

Facts about the project:

Project Future Mine - a conceptual study funded by the strategic mining research program developed on behalf of the government, which aims to increase the mining industry and its suppliers' competitiveness.

Behind the investment in the mining industry is among others the statement at the G8 summit in June 2007, where the mining and minerals industry was identified as a growth area that has great potential to provide support against poverty and for sustainable growth. Sweden and the Nordic countries have a key position when it comes to responding to the G8 countries' initiative. In the years 2003-2007 increased turnover, both at mining companies and suppliers, explosively.

Project Future Mine in progress between March 2009 - December 2010 and has a total budget of 5.5 million.