Sara Chlot, Jan Stener and Barbara Kern commemorated with Bergforsk Scholarships. Photo: Pia Nyberg Imega Promotion

What is important for the mines in the future?

Published: 26 May 2014

Sustainability, global changes, logistics, knowledge, labor and innovations are challenges of future mines.

Bergforsk days gathers students, industry, researchers and organizations with an interest in the mining industry. Discussions and mingling were interspersed with lectures and successful students were rewarded with scholarships.

- Bergforsk Days are a great opportunity for researchers, industry, students, and community stakeholders to meet on future issues for the industry, says Sabine Mayer, CEO of the Foundation Bergforsk.

It was the tenth anniversary of Bergforsk Days in years and the speakers came from very diverse industries. Among other things, the airline industry gave examples of how they work with logistics. Automation, community impact and innovations where other examples of areas concerned and involved.

Barbara Kern got the Bergforsk scholarship for Best Thesis, Jan Stener for best Licentiate and Sara Chlot was recognized for the 2013 Best Dissertation. All from Luleå University of Technology and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. The presentations and more about Bergforsk refer to the link below.

President of the Foundation Bergforsk

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