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Patient Participation studied in pain rehabilitation

Published: 20 June 2016

Researcher Catharina Nordin has in her thesis explored the patients' experience of patient involvement in pain rehabilitation in chronic pain. The research results provide a greater knowledge to health professionals about patients' experiences of the components that provide an adequate patient participation in pain rehabilitation.

– Experience with patient participation included the patient's feelings, thoughts and cognitions. Central to patient participation was to be confirmed as a patient person. Significant components of patient participation was cooperation and dialogue with the health professionals who listened to them, says Catharina Nordin, who recently completed her PhD in physiotherapy at Luleå Unkversity of Technology.

Patients' participation in their health care may affect the results of the treatment and individual health. The research was conducted at multiple centers in Norrbotten.

Recognition is important

In research studies, patient participation have been studied in three different contexts; traditional health care visits, multimodal rehabilitation, MMR, and multimodal rehabilitation in combination with a web-based behavior change program activity.

– In the web application, the experience of credibility and to recognize the current symptoms and their situation in their rehabilitation is important for patient involvement. While acquiring knowledge and insights about their symptoms and medical subjects increased patient participation, says Catharina Nordin.

Reduced disaster thinking

Catharina Nordin have also studied the effects of treatment of multimodal rehabilitation combined with web-BCPA, compared with multimodal rehabilitation. Overall, the results showed little difference between the groups studied, but patients who received the combined treatment reduced disaster thinking about their pain more than those treated only with MMR.
– They were also more satisfied with their multimodal rehabilitation. There was a large variation regarding the amount of time patients had worked in the web application.

Team Rehabilitation and independent work

The new knowledge in the field provides support to team rehabilitation as a form of treatment that promotes patient participation. Even the independent work of web-BCPA may include experiences of patient participation.

– The wide variation in how much time the patients chose to work in the web application shows that it is probably not appropriate to propose a web-based form of treatment for all patients, says Catharina Nordin.

Clinical research in regular activities

The research has been done within the framework of the national research project REHSAM which is a collaboration with the County Council of Norrbotten, Luleå University of Technology and Social Insurance. Catharina Nordin kept her employment in the County Council during the doctoral education, and had tutors from both the University and the County Council.

– We have been a research group with people from Luleå University of Technology and Norrbotten County Council who had a regular and close cooperation. The collaboration has enabled clinical research into everyday activities in primary care.

Catharina Nordin defended her thesis on the 14th of June in the research topic physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology.