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Catharina Nordin LTU NLL
Catharina Nordin has only researched in two and a half years, but has already received considerable attention.

Awarded for research on team work for pain

Published: 21 November 2013

Catharina Nordin, physiotherapist and researcher has been awarded Norrbotten Academy (NOAK) health science award 2013.
-I was surprised but actually very happy. I am a novice in the academic world, although I am in years, says the 50-year-old winner from Piteå.

The price is at 10 000 SEK and was distributed on November 20.

-I'll try to use the money to take me away on a world congress in physical therapy and perhaps to present my research, says Catharina Nordin.
She is a doctoral student at Luleå University of Technology, LTU, and Norrbotten County Council.

Catharina Nordin receives the NOAK Prize partly for her research on the treatment of long time chronic pain and illness, and for an article about the research published in the prestigious Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

-This article is the first to highlight the patient's participation in multimodal pain rehabilitation (MMR) in primary care and, therefore, there has been considerable interest in it, said Catharina Nordin.

Multimodal pain rehabilitation involves staff from different professions that work together to help a patient, for example, doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker / psychologist.

Help via the Internet

The rewarded article is based on research conducted on the basis of interviews with patients of working age at Furunäsets Health Centre in Piteå, where Catharina Nordin worked for many years.

Patients were very positive to be processed by the MMR team.
Catharina Nordin's research is part of Rhesamprojektet, a national project aimed at reducing long-term sickness.

In her future research Catharina Nordin will include studying the extent to which an Internet-based self-help program can be used to help patients with chronic pain.

-It can be an important tool out in primary care if it works, says Catharina Nordin.


Norrbotten Academy justification for the price
Catharina Nordin is awarded  the Norrbotten Academy of Health Sciences prize  2013 for a strong postgraduate work and published article in a highly ranked scientific journal

The research is a collaboration between The county council of Norrbotten and the univerity of Technology in Luleå under the scientific direction of Professor Gunvor Gard, also Catharina's main supervisor.