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Those who has a general well-being may be less troubled by their migraine attacks, shows Stina Rutbergs research.

Physical therapy can help migraine sufferers

Published: 22 October 2013

Physical therapy may be a treatment option for people suffering from the disease migraine.
-It is probably not so well known, says Stina Rutberg, researcher in physical therapy at Luleå University of Technology.

-And I do not think it is so wellknown that wellbeing is important for how to succeed in managing migraine. It is one of my finds, but where more research is needed, she says.
Last spring she doctorated with a thesis on migraines and how the disease can be managed.
Migraine is one of the 20 most disabling diagnoses according to the World Health Organization, WHO. Nearly one million people in Sweden are estimated to suffer from the disease, most of them women.
-It makes it easier to live with migraines if you accept that you can not control it, and that we see it as a legitimate illness, says Stina Rutberg.
This means that for oneself and for the environment clarify and agree that migraine is not about ordinary headache.
-Migraine is a disease that causes disability. But sometimes the surrounding think of it lika ordinary headache. Those who have migraines may feel that they are regarded as lazy or weak, and because of that they run on themselves extra to counter it, says Stina Rutberg.
-If one accepts the disease, it is easier not to work against it and those who do not drive them self so hard are getting less trouble, she says.
The results of Stina Rudberg research shows that stress in life, such as divorce, depression are leading to increased inconvenience for those with migraine but also vice versa, when you feel good you has decreased symptoms.
-Thus, it may be of value to the healthcare to focus more on the general well-being, and not just on finding cures against the attacke, she says.
Fysio therapy treatments when it comes to migraine can include acupuncture, exercise, body awareness, stress management and relaxation.
The physiotherapist can also provide people who suffers from migraine with tools to increase their general wellbeing.
-For example, acupuncture has been shown to be as effective as preventive migraine medications, and some studies have even shown that three months of training yielded the same result, but with no side effects for the patients, says Stina Rutberg.

Wednesday, October 23, 19:00, Stina Rutberg speaks about her research at a public lecture in Kulturens hus, Luleå, Lilla salen.
The title is Feeling good with migraine.