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Contractile properties of MHC I and II fibers from well-trained arm and leg muscles of highly trained cross-country skiers (2021)

Gejl. K, Hvid. L, Andersson. E, Jensen. R, Holmberg. H, Ørtenblad. N
Frontiers in Physiology
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COVID-19 (2021)

Opportunities for interdisciplinary research to improve care for older people in Sweden
Baxter. R, Wossenseged Birhane. J, Li. X, Naseer. M, Pauelsen. M, Shebehe. J, et al.
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, Vol. 49, nr. 1, s. 29-32
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Designing winter cities (2021)

Arctic urbanisation and Asian mobilities consumption
Chapman. D, Lee. Y, Larsson. A
Ingår i: Asian Mobilities Consumption in a Changing Arctic
Artikel i tidskrift

Hand grip strength is strongly associated with lower limb strength but only weakly with postural control in community-dwelling older adults (2021)

Strandkvist. V, Larsson. A, Pauelsen. M, Nyberg. L, Vikman. I, Lindberg. A, et al.
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics (Print), Vol. 94