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A Novel Approach to Determining the Alactic Time Span in Connection with Assessment of the Maximal Rate of Lactate Accumulation in Elite Track Cyclists (2023)

Dunst. A, Hesse. C, Feldmann. A, Holmberg. H
International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Vol. 18, nr. 2, s. 157-163
Article in journal

A Novel Approach to the Determination of Time- and Fatigue-Dependent Efficiency during Maximal Cycling Sprints (2023)

Dunst. A, Hesse. C, Ueberschär. O, Holmberg. H
Sports, Vol. 11, nr. 2
Article in journal

DN Debatt: Sluta skjutsa barnen till skolan - hälsa går före rädsla (2023)

ten Berg. H, Klüft. C, Lindqvist. A, Nilsson. P, Niska. A, Rutberg. S, et al.
Dagens Nyheter. (DN), nr. 2023-02-18
Article in journal

Participation and performance by women and men in ski-mountaineering sprint races during the past decade (2023)

Fornasiero. A, Callovini. A, Fornoni. S, Savoldelli. A, Schena. F, Holmberg. H, et al.
Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness