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Published: 7 August 2012

Research Topic physical therapy involves human health of the body, movement and interaction as a basis.

Physiotherapy is characterized by the view of humans as physical, mental, social and existential entirety from a health perspective. Central concepts are the human body, motion, function and interaction in relation to health from a biopsykosocialt perspective.
At the core of knowledge is an understanding that it is within man's healing powers and resources for change. These can be activated by movement in a therapeutic interaction, and that man himself can affect their health through awareness of the body and proper motion. Movement seen as a basis for man's entire operation and as a means to achieve their goals in relation to the surroundings.


Luleå University of Technology is the science of physical therapy concentrated in the areas of:

- Movement, activity and health in older people and people down severe disability

- Health promotion and the operating conditions for learning, work and leisure

- E-health and physical therapy at a distance

Much of the research carried out in national and international cooperation and in collaboration with healthcare providers and businesses.
To get a better insight into our research, please see the presentation of ongoing and completed research projects.

We also conduct research in physiotherapy at the department. To be admitted to this one must have a master's degree in physical therapy.