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Research in physiotherapy is about movement and its connection to the body, function, experience, learning and interaction.

Subject description:

In the subject of Physiotherapy, exercise is seen as a means for health and quality of life. Research in Physiotherapy is about movement and its connection to the body, function, experience, learning and interaction. The scientific basis includes biomechanical, physiological, social and existential perspectives
Physiotherapy is a worldwide academic discipline and one of the largest professions in the field of health globally. Read more at World Physiotherapy and at the Physiotherapists .

Our research:

With the movement at the center, we conduct research in the areas you see in the picture above. The research is supported by theoretical and methodological perspectives on health promotion and behavior change as well as motor control and capacity.

Important infrastructure consists of the Human Movement Science Lab and the Mobile Physiology Lab.

Until 2021, we have published 271 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, with a total of 4,564 citations in the Web of Science. Among the most prominent signs of breakthrough are:

  • Winner of the 2015 Excellence Award in a leading journal in orthopedic medicine. Read more here .
  • In 2018, two employees were named Innovators of the Year at LTU and received a national award for a major project for physical activity among children. Read more here and here .
  • And two publications with co-authorship from the subject's researchers have been appointed to belong to the top 20 in international physiotherapy throughout history (2019). Read more here , here and here .

Our education

The subject Physiotherapy is strongly involved in education. We conduct basic education towards the Bachelor Programme in Physiotherapy, Master programme in Physiotherapy and Master Programme in Physiotherapy, specialisation in Orthopedic Manual Therapy We are also engaged in Bachelor Programme in Health Guidance, Major Health Promotion.
Postgraduate education is conducted in connection with the Academy for the Health of the Future .