Health Science

Published: 6 November 2012

PhD Topic Health is a multidisciplinary subject with a focus on human and health.

Health Science is a multidisciplinary subject with focus on the human in a healthy state, sickness and special needs, as well as in health and wellness. The subject includes the study of processes, methods and diagnostics. Further study is also looking at treatment that relieves symptoms, supports and enhances, or otherwise intended to affect humans as an individual, in collaboration with others and in relation to the surrounding environment and community.


At Luleå University of Technology´s research in the health sciences concentrated in the areas of:

- Pharmaceutical Research
- Infrared thermographic method for measuring the thermal response of peripheral circulation in the hands and feet
- X-ray referral - information and process
– Health promotion - read more about Health Promotion research 

Much of the research done in national and international cooperation and in collaboration with health care providers and businesses.
To get more information about our research, please see the presentation of ongoing and completed research projects.