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Distance based customer service

Publicerad: 21 augusti 2014

Projektet fokuserar på utveckling, anpassning och utvärdering av kundvänliga, användbara och automatiserade "kiosker" för personlig kundservice.

The project focuses on development, adaptation and evaluation of a customer friendly and highly usable automated kiosk for a variety of personalised customer services, e.g. booking of rental cars, social services, bank services. Important issues that are investigated are user needs, functionalities and design, security, information security and prototyping. The first case study concerns a car rental service that provides possibilities for customer and customer servant to see and talk to each other in real time on distance. The kiosk has provisions for all parts of the customer service process, from booking to providing the car key and billing.

Facts: Ongoing 2011-2014

Collaboration partners: Bothnia Invent AB