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Networks and Collaborations

Botnia Living Lab is one of the founders and effective members of ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs.

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is a community of Living Labs with a sustainable strategy for enhancing innovation on a systematic basis. The overall objective is to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European innovation system, with a global reach.

Botnia Living Lab is one of the founders and effective members of ENoLL. The network of open innovation ecosystems (Living Labs) places people at the centre of product and service development and innovation. ENoLL has recognised nearly 400 Living Labs from around the world maintained by municipalities, universities, regions, and companies acting also as the development and piloting partners, of these, 170 make up the core.

Botnia Living lab is represented by Marita Holst in the ENoLL Council, which prepares the annual ENoLL Work Programme and budget, and presents these to the ENoLL General Assembly for discussion and approval. The ENoLL Council is responsible for the implementation of the Work Programme, in line with the budget. Further, the ENoLL Council provides strategic guidance to the network. It monitors and directs the activities of the Brussels ENoLL office and the activities of the ENoLL Work Groups, Special Interest Groups and Task forces.

Marita Holst is also coordinator of the Smart City and Urban Innovation Special Expert Group which aims at bringing together all the ENoLL Living Labs working in the Smart City context and more generically ENoLL members working in urban/city innovation field. The group acts as a forum for discussion, exchange and collaboration in topics such as city as a (Living) Lab, Open Innovation 2.0 and Living Labs in city policies, citizen engagement and participation, open data, smart citizens and privacy.



Aalto University CEA ICIS
Aarhus University CERTH Imperial College London
Alexandra Institute CTI Luleå University of Technolgy
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Fraunhofer Institute Manchester University
Athens University Halmstad högskola Umeå University


Aarhus Municipality Luleå kommun Skellefteå kommun
Amsterdam Smart City Manchester City Steinkjer Kunskapsparken
Forum Virum, Helsinki City Norrbottens läns landsting  
Future Cities Catapult, London Santander Municipality  



Behaviometrics AB F-secure Mandat International
BnearIT HWCommunications limited Mobilaris
Cleopa GmbH Instituto Italiano per la Privacy SAT
Comparatie a/s Intel Telia
DunavNET IsMobile TST Sistemas
Easy Global Market KYAB VaasaETT OY
Ericsson AB Luleå Energi AB Velti



Botnia test user community iMinds, Brussels
Fab Lab, Barcelona LTU Students and Staff
Iceland Living Lab Local, National and Global Citizen associations.
Wireless Trondheim Living Lab