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About us

Botnia is a world-leading environment for user-centric research, development and innovation (RDI), instrumented by methods, tools and experts, for interaction with user groups.

Botnia Living Lab is constantly being developed further in close cooperation with end-users and stakeholders as well as researchers at Luleå University of Technology. Our 6000 listed end-users are found across Sweden and they are engaged in various ways in the total process from need-finding and idea-generation, through concept-development and prototype/usability testing to service piloting.

Since the start of our user panel this has been one of our most important boosters in the creation of novel and valuable ITservices and products as well as for research. These creative volunteers have been involved in a significant number of different research andinnovation activities with researchers and companies from Sweden and abroad and in several different application areas related to Smart Cities, e.g. Energy Efficiency, Privacy & Security, eBusiness etc.

To support the process we have developed a Living Lab methodology
named FormIT, adopted by many Living Labs around Europe and exploited by industry. This methodology supports user involvement when developing digital innovations. It´s also a methodology for user empowerment, to capitalize on the power of the crowd. This is an iterative and interactive innovation-process methodology with user-engagement in all phases of the innovation process – from need finding to beta-trial and pre-market launch.

Different methods and tools are used for professional support for user-involvement. The methodology assists in Living Lab operations with users and other stakeholders as well as to assess the impact
of the approach. Botnia works in a Quadruple Helix partnership with users, researchers, IT industry, SMEs and municipalities to bring added value to all stakeholders.