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Responsible digital innovation and design

In this research area the focus is to contribute to the discipline of Information systems research by focusing on societal and individual aspects related to digital transformation and innovation. This research area is founded upon systems- and critical systems thinking, value adding design, norm-critical design, participatory design and sustainability theories. Hence, this area aims to influence, anticipate and assess real, as well as potential, implications and societal expectations on digitalization with the endeavor to foster inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. This research is carried out in four areas that complement and contribute to each other:

• Societal digital change: the focus for this theme is to understand and support the ongoing digital change in society including public sector organization and municipalities. This sub-theme is related to topics such as e.g. smart cities, smart regions, smart villages in rural areas while taking into considerations effects such as digital divide, digital equality and digital in(ex)clusion in society.

• Living Labs and Testbeds: this sub-theme focus on research related to methods, approaches, frameworks and tools that support experimental development of digital innovations in multi-stakeholder real world contexts. In this theme, topics such as e.g. adoption of innovation, piloting innovations, innovation in federated networks, stakeholder engagement and collaborations are included.

• Human-centered design and innovation: this sub-theme is focusing on the human aspects of design and innovation. In this sub-theme, the aim is to contribute with a responsible, ethical and critical perspective to the design and development of digital innovations (e.g. 5G, AI, IoT, Robotics, etc). This theme can include aspects such as methods and approaches for responsible design of e.g. AI-innovations, value creation in design, human needs and motivations, human centric design and innovation methods.

• Digitalisation and sustainability: the focus for this theme is sustainability and climate change supported by, or understood by means of, digital solutions. This theme includes aspects such as energy efficiency, data-driven behavior change among citizens, efficient transporting systems, energy efficient data centers (storage), digital platforms to support sustainability, and AI and sustainability.