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Participants at the MASTIS project's workshop at Luleå University. Tero Päivärinta, professor of Information Systems, second from the right in the picture, is hosting the workshop. Photo: Linda Alfredsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Information Systems on the agenda

Published: 16 February 2017

MASTIS is an Erasmus project that aims to develop Master level studies in Information Systems. This week, within the framework of the project, a workshop is arranged on the topic pedagogical development at Luleå University of Technology.

In the MASTIS project, universities from several EU countries, seven universities from Ukraine and two from Montenegro, are participating. The overall idea is that the EU countries should share their knowledge on Information Systems, ie how organizations use information technology, and thus contribute to a positive development of the subject in Ukraine and Montenegro. The objective is also to create a common European curriculum for Master Programmes in Information Systems.

Tero Päivärinta is chaired professor of Information Systems at Luleå University of Technology:

– The countries of Eastern Europe are emerging markets. We think it is important to participate in the project since we create networks that can contribute to future research collaborations.

Knowledge about safety

Luleå University of Technology can foremost contribute with their specialist knowledge in the field of Information Security. But also knowledge of how academia can interact with others.

– We have extensive experience of working together with trade and industry and public administrations. In Eastern Europe, they often lack that experience so our knowledge can really contribute, says Tero Päivärinta.

Professor Jean-Hugues Chauchat from Universite Lyon 2, is project coordinator for MASTIS. According to him, the cultural exchange is also of great importance.

– Our most important task is to help Ukraine and Montenegro to get ahead in the field. At the same time, we learn to understand each other and work together, benefiting all universities involved in the project, says Professor Jean-Hugues Chauchat.

Educational exchanges of ideas

This week Luleå University of Technology organizes a workshop within the project. The theme of the workshop is educational development.

– We're going to discuss how to use IT when teaching and we will present the university's educational idea, says Tero Päivärinta.


Tero Päivärinta

Tero Päivärinta, Professor

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