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CYNIK, Luleå University of Technology
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CYNIC – Cyber security in Innovation and Business Communication

Published: 28 September 2018

The project has identified that information security is an obstacle for SMEs in order to dare to invest in new business models adapted for digitization and digital services. Better insights and healthy IT behavior can be obtained by testing and evaluating solutions in a safe test environment. The project is based on two established information security labs and research in Sweden and Finland, which is further developed into a dynamic test bed for SMEs, where innovative business ideas, innovative technical solutions, creative software development and realistic user involvement are ingredients. The dynamic test bed becomes a neutral interface and environment where companies can practically learn about risks and how these can be prevented.

CYNIC: REGIOSTARS Award - Finalist 2020

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The CYNIC project is contributing to an increase in digital services by providing enablers for experimental learning for SMEs. The objective is to provide deeper insights, better knowledge and awareness to foster a sound IT-, Cyber-, Information Security behavior among SMEs. The project supports new business models and transformation to digitalization and digital services. SMEs are provided the opportunity to test, experience and evaluate solutions in two information security labs.

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