Corporate Social Responsibility disclosure via Twitter by top listed UK companies (2018)

A Data Science Approach
Amin. M, Mohamed. E, Elragal. A
Paper presented at : 41st Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association, Bocconi University, Milan, May 30th to June 1st, 2018

Financial Disclosure on Twitter by Top Listed UK Companies: A Data Science Approach (2018)

Amin. M, Mohamed. E, Elragal. A
Paper presented at : BAFA Annual Conference 2018, London, April 9-11 2018

The Taste of Ageing, a 26-Year Analysis of Publications in the International Journal of Wine Business Research (2018)

An Abstract
Rizk. A, Konietzny. J, Cassar. M, Wong. R, Wallström. Å, Vella. J
Ingår i: Back to the Future, Using Marketing Basics to Provide Customer Value : Proceedings of the 2017 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference, s. 341-342, Springer, 2018

Towards A Taxonomy of Data-driven Digital Services (2018)

Rizk. A, Bergvall-Kåreborn. B, Elragal. A
Paper presented at : 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, (HICSS), Waikoloa, United States, 3–6 January 2018

Twitter (2018)

An emerging media for corporate disclosure
Amin. M, Mohamed. E, Elragal. A
Paper presented at : Annual Accounting Conference 2018 (ACC 2018), Berlin, February 26– 27 2018
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A Preface to ‘Infrastructuring and Collaborative Design’ (2017)

Pipek. V, Karasti. H, Bowker. G
Computer Supported Cooperative Work, ISSN: 0925-9724, Vol. 26, nr. 1, s. 1-5

Big Data Analytics and Smart Cities (2017)

A Loose or Tight Couple?
Osman. A, Elragal. A, Bergvall-Kåreborn. B
Ingår i: Proceedings of the International Conference on ICT, Society and Human Beings 2017, Part of the Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2017, s. 157-168, IADIS, 2017

Big Data Visualization Tool (2017)

a Best-Practice Selection Model
Hassan. A, Elragal. A
Ingår i: IADIS Information Systems Conference (IS 2017), s. 59-68, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017

Critical Infrastructure Network DDoS Defense, via Cognitive Learning (2017)

Booth. T, Andersson. K
Paper presented at : 14th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference, Las Vegas, 8-11 Jan 2017
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Crowd-driven IoT/IoE ecosystems (2017)

a multidimensional approach
Ziouvelou. X, Alexandrou. P, Angelopoulos. M, Evangelatos. O, Fernandes. J, Loumis. N, et al.
Ingår i: Crowd-driven IoT/IoE ecosystems - a multidimensional approach