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An Intelligent Two-Layer Intrusion Detection System for the Internet of Things (2023)

Alani. M, Awad. A
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 19, nr. 1, s. 683-692

CORAS Model for Security Risk Assessment in Advanced Metering Infrastructure Systems (2023)

Shokry. M, Awad. A, Abd-Ellah. M, Khalaf. A
Ingår i: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics 2022, s. 449-459, Springer Nature, 2023
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AdStop: Efficient Flow-based Mobile Adware Detection using Machine Learning (2022)

Alani. M, Awad. A
Computers & security (Print), Vol. 117
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An evaluation of practitioners’ perceptions of a security risk assessment methodology in air traffic management projects (2022)

Bernsmed. K, Bour. G, Lundgren. M, Bergström. E
Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 102
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Automatic mapping of configuration options in software using static analysis (2022)

Wang. J, Baker. T, Zhou. Y, Awad. A, Wang. B, Zhu. Y
Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences
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Big data analytics of corporate internet disclosures (2022)

Basuony. M, Mohamed. E, Elragal. A, Hussainey. K
Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 35, nr. 1, s. 4-20
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Data-Driven Decisions in Smart Cities: A Digital Transformation Case Study (2022)

Osman. A, Elragal. A, Ståhlbröst. A
Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, nr. 3
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Data-driven innovation processes within federated networks (2022)

Rizk. A, Ståhlbröst. A, Elragal. A
European Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. 25, nr. 6, s. 498-526
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DECAS (2022)

A Modern Data-Driven Decision Theory for Big Data and Analytics
Elgendy. N, Elragal. A, Päivärinta. T
Journal of Decision Systems, Vol. 31, nr. 4, s. 337-373
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Detecting Anomalies in Financial Data using Machine Learning Algorithms (2022)

Bakumenko. A, Elragal. A
Systems, Vol. 10, nr. 5